Message from the Superintendent: Welcome Back Students and Staff

Dear Staff,

Happy New Year!!!

2018 promises to be exciting. I think I said the same thing about 2017 and it was.

We greet the new year with reflections of the past, anticipation of the future, and resolutions to be better people, to accomplish our goals or to make a difference. We may want to be kinder, more productive, or maybe just healthier.   I love Oprah Winfrey’s take on this "Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”

The most important thing for us to collectively get right is preparing our students for the future.  Every one of us has an integral role to play, whether parent, superintendent, administrator, teacher, board member, support staff, residential educator, bus driver, TFC employee, community member, alumni or student. Ours is a “ takes a village” mission.  And, it is never ending work.

The trouble with resolutions is that often, when you slip or fall, you give up completely, and wait for the next year for a chance to get it right. So, I’m not going to make a resolution, but I will make a promise. I promise that I will start each day as another opportunity to get it right. I will constantly reflect on the past, as recently as yesterday, and chart the course for the future. And, I know that we can only get it right together, so I will look for ways for us to do this together. We are, without question, STRONGER TOGETHER!


Welcome Back,

Claire Bugen