Deaf Awareness Week Bulletin: What is Deaf Ecosystem?

Deaf Ecosystem

What is Deaf Ecosystem?  To begin, we need to look at the word “ecosystem”.  Think about how the word is described here in an excerpt by Victor W. Huwang, a contributor for the Forbes magazine (April 16, 2014):
Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 6.20.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 6.20.39 PM.png
Deaf Ecosystem is exemplified in this clip:
All these business you’ve viewed are right here in Austin.  These talented individuals were either from TSD, Austin/Texas, or have moved into Austin.  It is truly inspiring to see a handful of business owners chasing after their dreams and fulfilling their customers’ needs and wants.  
To go beyond such thought, what would it mean for TSD to support a sense of Deaf Ecosystem?  How would it mean for our TSD community to consistently support our people to succeed in the businesses and work they do?  
How about the work we do currently—like now, braving the conversation of Deaf Ecosystem or Deaf Gain?  Looking into how you can do your work efficiently and create results as a professional at TSD?
Like you, a student who is reading this and who is gearing towards new experiences and growing as you reflect who you are in order to begin planning just what you want to do after you finish high school?  
Questions to ask each other in addition to the reflective questions posed above:
What does a community mean to you?
What does it take for a community to thrive?
If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?
What does it mean to think about how we are educated in order to decide what we want to do?  
What career are you interested in and how will you get there?
Do you know of any deaf owned businesses you’ve worked with or visited in the last year?
How would it mean to ensure our students receive the best education they can to pursue their dreams? 
How can we assure each other, as professionals, that our work is continuously meaningful and dynamic?  What does it take?
Look at some of the things we think about in terms of success in the future—what is success?  
Why should our learning be collaborative where we continue to have a dialogue—and to experiment?