This year I believe that we can be extraordinary together.

Dear Staff,

Welcome Back!  A new year is here. This is a great time for us to re-commit to our 2014-2015 theme--TOGETHER WE CAN!  Our work with our students, like any success, begins with a clear direction, accurate information, and then-- a carefully built plan.  When we take the time to collect accurate information about our students, understand what works for them and what doesn't and when we challenge ourselves to invent new possibilities for things that don't work, we on our way to more authentic learning.  I was reading a report from a consultant about one of our students and it made me realize we have to ask more powerful and meaningful questions about how kids learn.  We must ask, watch and listen more to their cues to develop new and stronger instructional plans.  It takes all of us working together to figure this out.

So this year, don't accept things as they are.  Ask how they can be bigger and bolder.  Share ideas with others, invent new things and expand your influence at TSD.  Ask yourself, What is one thing I can do today that will connect me more significantly to my team, solve a challenge, inspire and engage another, save money, invent a new idea, improve my performance, tell our organization’s story, offer feedback, be open to feedback, etc.?
 You are what makes this place tick.  You are the heart of TSD.  Thank you for your effort, dedication and commitment to excellence.