Vibes Concert for TSD and Friends


WRISTBAND PICK-UP begins next week, Monday-Thursday between the hours of 9am to 8pm @ both Texas School for the Deaf entrance gates.

(TSD staff only: will pick-up at ERCOD Mon-Wed, 8am-4pm)

REGISTER NOW so we can keep you updated!

“Vibes” is a unique musical event created specially for Texas School for the Deaf and the deaf community. It will take place on October 9th at the North Door in Downtown Austin starting at 6PM.  

The multi-sensory concert event will be a music experience that will transcend sound by incorporating vibrations and a light display synchronized to music, taking you on a thoroughly engaging, tactile journey.


Quiet Company + Riders Against The Storm + The Shears
Russell Harvard
Only 300 lucky people will have the chance to feel the vibes!

REGISTER NOW so you don't miss it!

Here are the rules:
1. Register NOW or before October 6th 
2. Pick-up your wristband at TSD between the hours of:
9:00 am - 8:00 pm, Monday - Thursday Oct 6-9

To pick-up your wristband: Bring your signed CONSENT & TESTIMONIAL RELEASE - printed from the link below - completed and signed - to exchange for your wristband at the Texas School for the Deaf, at both Congress Avenue and Elizabeth Street entrance gates.

You may bring signed releases to pick-up wristbands for others.
Every attendee - minors, adults, volunteers -EVERYONE MUST submit a signed consent release in exchange for a wristband. 

You MUST have a wristband for admittance to the concert and you MUST turn in a release to get your wristband.
One consent release = one wristband. No exceptions.

3. Show your wristband at the North Door Oct 9 and proceed to Feel the Vibes!!

Free Domino's Pizza and soft drinks provided
No Alcohol from 6-9 PM
For More Information Contact: [email protected]
Buses from TSD Leave at 5:30 PM-South Loading Zone

502 Brushy St. Austin, TX 78702