Celebrate Deaf Smith’s 225th Birthday with Exhibit and Ceremonies at Texas State Capitol

Come Celebrate Deaf Smith’s 225th Birthday with Exhibit and Ceremonies at Texas State Capitol

AUSTIN, TX [March 30, 2012]—Erastus “Deaf” Smith, a famous spy, scout and soldier of the Texas Revolution, will have his 225th birthday celebrated with a special exhibit and ceremony at the Texas Capitol on April 18‐20.

The exhibit will feature 16 unique displays, ranging from various historic paintings, photos and knives to a taped one‐act play to a wax figure of Deaf Smith to even a curious street sign. The displays will represent the artwork of eight artists from different periods and different mediums.
Smith settled in San Antonio, where he married Guadalupe Ruiz Duran in 1822; the union produced four children, all recorded by the Daughters of the Texas Republic. Because of his gradual hearing loss, Smith always hunted alone, avoided crowds, spoke too loud, and taught his dog to alert him to surrounding sounds. Personally chosen by General Sam Houston, the ever‐taciturn Smith took over the spy and scout unit of the Texan army. His greatest contribution to the war was his pivotal role in the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836.

“It is my vision that this exhibit will bring attention to Smith’s amazing feats,” independent researcher, historian, author and retired educator Steve Baldwin, Ph.D., said. Baldwin is an avid Deaf Smith enthusiast who arranged the exhibit. He also has written a colorful definitive 20‐ page commemorative booklet now available through the Texas Association of the Deaf (TAD).
He added, “Deaf Smith’s contributions underscore the fact that people with disabilities made Texas what it is today.”

The Deaf Smith exhibit is endorsed and supported by the TAD, Texas Humanities, Texas School for the Deaf, Greater Austin Foundation for the Deaf, ViUDA Bistro, Communication by Hand and Gallaudet University Regional Center‐Southwest. An opening ceremony will be held at 9:00 a.m. on April 18 in the Legislative Conference Center, Room E2.002. After that, there will be a ribbon‐cutting ceremony on the rotunda ground floor.