Peer Assistance and Leadership Opportunities Await!

If you have a passion for supporting others, fostering positive connections, and contributing to a welcoming environment, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Peer Assistance Opportunities: We are seeking individuals who are compassionate, empathetic, and eager to lend a helping hand. As a peer assistant, you'll play a crucial role in creating a supportive network within our community. Whether it's offering guidance, lending a listening ear, or providing practical assistance, your efforts will make a meaningful impact.

Leadership Positions: If you're someone with a natural flair for leadership, we have open positions waiting for you. As a leader, you'll have the chance to inspire, motivate, and guide your peers towards shared goals. This is an excellent opportunity to enhance your leadership skills while contributing to the growth and well-being of our community.

Interview Process: To explore these exciting opportunities, we invite you to participate in our peer assistance and leadership interview process. This is a chance for us to get to know you better, understand your aspirations, and discuss how your unique skills can contribute to our community's success.

How to Apply: If you're interested in joining our team of peer assistants or taking on a leadership role, please send an email or a video to Jerilyn Winegard, [email protected], we'll reach out to schedule an interview at your convenience.

Benefits of Joining:

  • Personal and professional growth opportunities
  • Making a positive impact on the community
  • Building lasting connections with peers
  • Enhancing your communication and leadership skills

We believe that each member brings a unique set of strengths, and we're excited to welcome new individuals into these integral roles. If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to reach out to Jerilyn Winegard, [email protected] 

Don't miss out on the chance to unlock your potential and become a valued member of our peer assistance and leadership team. Send an email now, and let's embark on this empowering journey together!