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Rise with Ranger Pride!

On August 7th, TSD kicked off the new school year with an exhilarating gathering of teachers and staff, setting the stage for a year of unity under the theme "Rise with Ranger Pride." The event was marked by the introduction of the new superintendent, Peter L. Bailey, who surprised the audience by revealing himself as the beloved Ranger mascot, further symbolizing the sense of togetherness and enthusiasm that characterized the day.

Superintendent Bailey's playful entrance set the tone for a day filled with surprises and excitement. The audience was treated to an array of engaging activities, including games, trivia, and fun performances. One of the highlights was the dynamic showcase by the TSD Rockettes, who captivated the crowd with their inspiring rendition of Callum Scott's "Rise Up."
Attendees were presented with spirit bags that contained meaningful items aimed at reminding them of their individual value and importance within the TSD community. These thoughtful tokens included gold, a reminder that everyone is valuable, and treats like Laffy Taffy, encouraging everyone to find joy and laughter in the journey ahead.

United under the banner "Rise with Ranger Pride," teachers and staff are ready to champion the opportunities and triumphs that lie ahead this school year.
Students cheer on staff as they walk into the RL Davis auditorium for the opening of school ceremony.
TSD Ranger mascot fist-bumps a teacher arriving for the opening of school event.
Superintendent Peter L Bailey reveals himself as the person inside the TSD Ranger mascot suit.
TSD staff in the auditorium excited for the school year to begin.
Peggy Ann Wenger sits with other attendees wearing a cowboy hat, eagerly beating on a drum.
A TSD staff person runs with a kite up the aisle of the auditorium.

Carnival Day and Registration

On August 11th, TSD hosted its second annual carnival day, which coincided with registration. Once registered, students and families were treated to departmental open houses and an exploration of the Heritage Center. Meanwhile, residential students had the opportunity to settle into their dorms. The campus buzzed with excitement as kids had a blast playing various games, with the dunk tank being a clear favorite. As a memorable takeaway, every TSD student received a free Ranger Pride t-shirt. 
TSD students enjoying a bouncy house during the carnival.
A residential student moves into her dorm during the carnival. Her father follows behind, rolling her suitcase.
Kids watch a balloon artist make balloon animal during the carnival.
A staff member sits over a dunk tank waiting for the next pitch.
TSD Homecoming, Saturday, October 21, 2023. Football, volleyball, food, booths, alumni activities and fun for the whole family. 9 am to 11 am TSDAA general meeting at the Deaf Smith Center. 9:45 AM gates open for general public. 10 am to 4 pm carnival booths and Heritage Center museum. 1 pm auditorium "TSD: A Texas Gem." 1 pm JV volleyball game. 2 pm varsity volleyball game. 5 pm football pre-game festivities. 5:30 pm TSD football game. Halftime crowning of 2023-2024 Homecoming royalty.

Austin Muralist Collaborates with TSD Art Students on Music Lane Project

Austin mural artist Emily Eisenhart paid a visit to Megan Burgess' art class in August where she met eighteen high school art students.  During her visit with the students, Emily gained insight into De'VIA and its role in articulating the Deaf experience. Drawing inspiration from the students, Emily's new artwork interweaves pieces from each student's design to create a single harmonious piece of art, which was revealed on Tuesday in celebration of TSD's Deaf Awareness Week.
Group photo of Megan Burgess' art class and muralist Emily Eisenhart.
Emily watching the art students create their art work.
Art students enjoying making art with their friends.
Art students stand with Emily and Superintendent Bailey on the mural stairs.
Art students sit in random areas of the mural stairs.

Texas Deaf Festival Donates School Supplies to TSD Elementary

In mid-September, Texas Deaf Festival donated school supplies to the Elementary Department. Committee members Lucy Robles, Richard Zorola and his wife Joann arrived to TSD carrying boxes of school supplies that included paper, pencils, crayons, markers, Play Doh, and so much more.

The Elementary Department extends their sincere gratitude to TDF and the members of the organization for their contributions.
Superintendent Peter L. Bailey and Principal Barbara Hussey stand with Texas Deaf Festival members outdoors with the Austin skyline in the background.
Members of the Texas Deaf Festival with two elementary students in front of boxes of donated items.
Banner that reads Summer Time Fun.

TSD Summer Programs were a Success

Summer 2023 was notably bustling with a diverse range of activities and events. From the enriching Family Weekend Retreat and Summer Camps to the immersive Communication Skills Workshop (CSW), we saw an impressive engagement with various stakeholders.

The dynamic camps not only nurtured creativity but also empowered 463 deaf and hard of hearing students, while the Family Weekend Retreat brought together 263 parents and caregivers, strengthening family bonds. Additionally, CSW attracted over 360 participants seeking to enhance sign language proficiency and communication strategies under the guide of seasoned instructors.

The evenings were abuzz with film screening, literacy workshops, and artisanal market events culminating in a summer rich with adventure, family unity, and personal and professional growth within the Deaf community.
Group photo of summer camp students showing their artwork.
Group photo of kids who participated in the exploratory summer camp.
Photo of two kids at Tiny Tots camp posing with a teacher behind colorful pool noodles.
Photo of a student wearing safety goggles holding a test tube at college test prep camp.
A group photos of kids holding up their Lego creation at LEGO STEM camp.

It's a Small World

During a summer trip to the East Side Gallery in former East Berlin, Fernando Munoz, TSD's Webmaster and Media Creator, and his wife were pleasantly surprised to run into familiar faces—Lisa Cochran, Statewide Outreach Center ASL Storyteller, and her husband, Toby. 

Reflecting on the encounter, Fernando shared, "We were at the East Side Gallery in the former East Berlin area, a section of the Wall that still stands and features some of the most iconic murals. Suddenly, my wife sees some arms waving and exclaims, 'I think they know you.'"
Equally amazed, Lisa exclaimed, "I'm here in Berlin, Germany, visiting this huge city! It has many sad histories, but also amazing buildings! You will never guess who we bumped into today at the East Side Gallery?! Our Fernando!! How crazy is that!? We hugged and laughed!"
Photo of Fernando, Lisa, and Toby in front of the East Side Gallery mural in Berlin.
Elementary Teacher's Experience in France and Belgium
TSD Elementary teacher Shafeeka Sumar joined students from Texas Woman's University to travel abroad to France and Belgium this summer. The trip was organized in collaboration with Hands on Travel (HOT). 

"I wanted to see what it is like to travel with the Deaf tour guides and group. I was not disappointed because for the first time, I feel more included and enjoyed my trip to Europe," said Shafeeka about the experience.

Intrigued by the Deaf history and cultures in these countries, Shafeeka connected with the tour guides, relishing the shared experiences and relatable backgrounds. She even picked up French Sign Language (LSF) and Flemish Sign Language (VGT), which she hopes to continue practicing back in the States.

Excursions included visiting iconic landmarks like Montmartre, Notre Dame Cathedral, Musee Louvre, City of Versailles, as well as exploring the beauty of Belgium, including Brussel and Burges.

Read more of her experience in the upcoming Lone Star Summer edition.
Group photo in front of the Eiffel Tower.
Photo of Shafeeka and her boyfriend inside Norte Dame Cathedral.
Banner that reads Lone Star celebrates Claire Bugen. Grab your special edition copy at the AWC lobby.

No Holidays, This Winter

There are no festivities this winter because the Grinch stole our holidays! OH NO! Come and check it out and watch how TSD gets their holidays back!
Poster reads: Texas School for the Deaf Performing Arts Program Presents A High School and Middle School Production. Save the Date! December 14, 15, 16. How The Grinch Stole The Holidays.
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