GoodNews: Texas School for the Deaf Ranger to Ranger - February 17, 2023

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Volume 7, Issue 5

Ice Day Heroes

Holy ice storm, Batman!
As temperatures dropped and roads worsened, it was amazing to see Student Life pull together to save the day for the students who remained on campus during the closures.
All of the supervisors and coordinators, 90% of the DREs, and 70% of the NREs activated their superhero powers for the next few days to power through the ice storm.
The student development coordinators and residential staff activated their superhero powers with great responsibility in keeping our 150+ students entertained with fun activities like reading in the library, playing video games, enjoying games in the gym, cooking, and arts & crafts.
Supervisors and coordinators activated their magic by serving warm meals during lunch and dinner. Student Resource Specialists were available to avert any “ice storm blues” and nurses were here to recharge students’ superpowers if they weren’t feeling well. Security was on hand to enhance our safety.
The students enjoyed a couple of relaxing days off from classes while remaining warm and well-fed. It goes to show that Student Life is the best at what they do!
The Student Life Team
Photo shows two residential students putting together a puzzle on a round table.
Photo shows two girls sitting on the floor at the library, playing with toy animals.
Photo shows boys sitting on chairs playing videos games.
Photo shows Student Life staff working the cafeteria line.
Mathletes Advance to Nationals
In January, TSD’s Middle School Math Hackers team competed in the RIT/NTID Southeastern Regional Competition at the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind.
Four 8th graders qualified for the team competition and the individual competition: Zyle S., Kaylee H., Melanie R., and Phoenix H.
The Rangers came in 1st place, earning them a guaranteed spot in the national competition at RIT in March. Regarding the team's performance, coaches Alton Markel and Laura Christian said, "We are very proud of our students' hard work and accomplishments."
Congratulations, Ranger Mathletes!
Group photo of the Math Hackers middle school team and their coaches.

Rangers Football Win Second Consecutive 6-man NDIAA National Championship

The TSD Rangers football team won its second consecutive 6-man NDIAA National Championship in January. This marks the first time in school history the team has won back-to-back championship titles.
The team's head coach, John Moore, said, "We are proud of this honor for the school and the Athletics program. The coaches and players worked very hard this season, so to achieve this honor two years in a row is very fulfilling. Back to back national titles is no easy task, and now we have our sights set on a three-peat."
Group photo of the TSD football team with text that reads "Texas School for the Deaf 2022 NDIAA 6-Man Football National Champions."
TSD 2022 NDIAA 6-Man Football National Champions

Students Learn Dining Etiquette

Some TSD middle school students were provided a lesson on “Cafeteria Etiquette” recently by Susie Giuntoli, our Food Services Manager.
"We reviewed cafeteria expectations," Susie said. "We talked about several topics such as wasting food, how to work together with our cafeteria workers, and how important it is for them to learn food vocabulary."
At the end of her presentation, she taught the students how to make sugar cookies.
One eighth grader was surprised to learn that America wastes enough food to fill up a stadium. Another student learned that it is important to appreciate the cafeteria staff and say "thank you," "no, thank you," and "please."
Check out the TSD Food Services webpage at There, you will find their monthly publication, Cafeteria Connection, as well as their menus.
Photo shows Susie Giuntoli on stage providing a presentation to the group of middle school students on "Cafeteria Etiquette."
Photo shows students with rolling pins flattening dough for cookies.
Photo shows a student shaping cookie dough.
Photo shows boys shaping cookie dough on a paper-lined table.

Spotlight: Beth Polo and Craig DeBellis

Not just Good News. Big News!
Beth Polo returns to TSD as our new Director of Operations, and Craig DeBellis has been promoted as Information and Technology Director.
No stranger to TSD, Beth worked at the school for 11 years before doing a brief stint at Texas Education Agency.
Superintendent Claire Bugen said, "Congratulations to Beth Polo, our new Director of Campus Operations and newest addition to our Executive Leadership Team! After a year of leadership in TEA's data and state reporting, Beth returns to us with a new skill set!"
Craig DeBellis first started at TSD back in June 2015. Previously, he worked as a programmer and systems analyst and took care of the school's cybersecurity.
Bugen said, "Congratulations are also due to Craig DeBellis as he assumes the reigns of Technology Director. Craig will be working with Beth to continue ensuring that our technology needs are met."
Congratulations Beth and Craig!
Photo shows Beth Polo and Craig DeBellis with the Austin downtown skyline in the background.

TSD Alumni Wins Big in
Debate Tournament

TSD alumni Trent Mora (Class of 2018) traveled with members of the Gallaudet University debate team to Los Angeles for the St. Ignatius Dialogues and Jesuit Cup Tournament at Loyola Marymount University.
The focus of the discussion was "healing justice" in the context of mass incarceration and homelessness. Prior to the debate competition, teams visited L.A. Mission, a provider that supports homeless individuals, in order to provide debaters an up-close perspective and experience.
Trent Mora and his Gallaudet debate team peer, Thalia Guettler, debated how society should engage with individuals experiencing homelessness. They came away with several awards for Gallaudet University.
Mora's group won the Jesuit Cup, while Gentler placed third in the individual speaker rankings.
Photo shows TSD alumni Trent Mora standing with his fellow Gallaudet University teammate debater, Thalia Guettler.
Gallaudet University debaters Thalia Guettler and Trent Mora
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