GoodNews: Texas School for the Deaf Ranger to Ranger - March 4, 2021


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Volume 5, Issue 4
Drive-Thru Pancake Breakfast
On February 6th, TSD hosted its annual pancake breakfast, drive-thru-style. With the help from sponsors Share the Will Foundation and John & Dee Hodnett, the hardworking TSD cafeteria staff and volunteers served 100 drive-thru guests and sent more than 200 deliveries to area frontline workers and first responders. 

TSD's state champions football team was on hand to tale orders and make deliveries. Drive-thru guests were able to take photos with the winning team as well as watch performances by DG33, Gary Knippa & Friends, Round Rock Ballet Folklorico, and The Lone Star Saber Academy. Special thanks to Keena Miller for coordinating this event!
TSD cafeteria workers and volunteers behind the serving line with food in cafeteria trays, ready to serve.
A jeep from Mangled Axle Jeep Krew on TSD's campus, waiting in line behind several other cars attending the pancake breakfast.
Five members of the Rangers football team are standing together, sporting their face masks and TSD football jerseys.
Music band DG33 is performing under a blue canopy tent outdoors.
A low angle shot shows TSD Rangers football coaches taking a photo with Share the Will Foundation volunteer. All are huddled together wearing face masks.
Four Jedis in face masks from The Lone Star Saber Academy pose with their lightsabers.
An action shot of a Jalisco dressed woman in a face mask dances, flaring her skirt, while her partner, a traditional mariachi, dances with--his back is towards the camera.
Gary Knippa is performing with his band under a blue canopy tent. Gary Knippa is wearing a black cowboy hat and a black vest. The other person in the photo is wearing a black shirt. Both are holding guitars, smiling towards the camera.
A TSD football player is distributing breakfast in a styrofoam box to a family in a Prius. A teammate can be seen in the background watching.
Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops Recognize TSD with Outdoor Fund Grant
Photo shows Nick Bannon, TSD PE Supervisor, accepting the Outdoor Fund grant from Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop employees, all wearing face masks. The photo also shows a table full of outdoor items in front of a wildlife display.
In January, Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop recognized TSD with an Outdoor Fund grant of in-kind equipment to kick start the school's outdoor and adventure education programs.
Student Spotlight: Avalyn and Nessalyn
TSD ECE/Elementary would like to thank the family of two elementary students, Avalyn and Nessalyn, for their generous donation of $150 dedicated to the ECE/Elementary Library.  

They sold delicious cheesecakes in order to raise money so that we could purchase even more diverse books to add to our collection.

Baking for books is a recipe for happiness!

[Image description: Two girls wearing colorful dresses stand with their hands on their hips as they smile at the camera. They are on a sidewalk or driveway in a neighborhood with trees and other houses in the background.]
Staff Spotlight: Student Life Academy
In the spirit of continuing to collaborate with Deaf schools that offer residential programs, our Supervisor of Student Development, Peggy Ann Wenger, decided to think outside the box, especially after the National Student Life of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing conference was postponed until Summer 2023. 

She reached out Mr. Oskar Schugg, Supervisor of Residence Programs, at California School for the Deaf, Fremont (CSDF), and they decided to start the Student Life Academy, an event hosted through Zoom. 

During the event, they discussed the COVID-19 protocols at TSD. CSDF employees have been working remotely and have not seen their students since March of last year. The CSDF staff was impressed with TSD and how our community has worked through the pandemic. 

The event was such a success that Peggy is scheduling more Student Life Academy series with other schools for the Deaf.

[Image description: A black and gray laptop displays 20 individuals on a Zoom meeting. All individuals are showing the sign for their school mascot, the TSD Rangers and the CSDF Eagles.]
TFC Presents Poster to TSD Rangers Head Football Coach
Photo shows five people posing for the camera, all wearing a face mask. From left to right: Marty Martinez, TFC Director of Operations, Beth Polo TSD Support Operations Specialist, TSD Coach John Moore, Nick Sultemeier, TFC Property Management and Supervisor at TSD, and Cassidy Galindo, TFC Warehouse Manager. John Moore is holding a framed gift that showcases the newspaper article about the Rangers winning the state championship for football. On top of it is a picture of the Rangers logo and beneath it is the year 2020.
Texas Facilities Commission presented TSD Rangers football coach, John Moore, with a framed Austin-American Statesman article of the team's state championship.
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