Peyton Manning has a special message for TSD Football Team!



September 18, 2019 - Austin, Texas – Yesterday, the Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) Rangers football team received a surprise message from NFL great, Peyton Manning.

In a congratulatory video message to the TSD Rangers football team, Manning announced TSD would receive $10,000 from Riddell for new sports safety equipment, including head protection.

Manning’s message says “we are honored to recognize the coaches and players at the Texas School for the Deaf for your contribution to the game, especially in the heart of Texas.

“I was impressed to learn how your team, through innovative coaching and a unique style of play, was able to take the head out of the game. 

“That, Manning said, is practicing Smarter Football."

In TSD’s application for the Riddell Smarter Football grant earlier this summer, coaches explained how new equipment would strengthen the school’s commitment to player safety.

Chosen as one of only ten schools across the country to receive the Riddell grant, TSD superintendent, Claire Bugen, shares in the school’s excitement.

“We are absolutely thrilled to receive this special message from one of America’s greatest quarterbacks himself, she said.

  The Riddell Smarter Football grant will help us ensure that our players are safe on the field. The next TSD Rangers touchdown will be dedicated to Riddell and Manning.”




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