Howdy!! My name is Richard Layton and I am the instructor for these courses, Principles of Welding, Welding and also co-teach the  Austin Community College Dual Credit Welding in the Kleberg bldg at Texas School for the Deaf. 
          Graduated from  University of Arizona with a B.Sci. degree in Agriculture Technology, Management, and Education. I am also a certified diesel and heavy equipment mechanic/operator, from L.H. Bates Tech College (WA State) and multiple certifications in a variety of food safety, pest management, and construction technology fields. I have over 35 years of industry experience before earning my degree from University of Arizona in 2011. I am also a Texas State Certified Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Educator.
         Currently I'm working on my Associates degree in Code Welding to become the first Adjunct faculty member of ACC to teach Dual credit Welding courses in any High School in the State of Texas. Many Independent School Districts in Texas offer Dual Credit courses but none have a College accredited lab or instructor to teach Code Welding courses on campus. TSD is very fortunate to have been offered an opportunity to set up a model program that all other Texas Public Schools will follow. If you have not been to the TSD Welding lab in a while, you'll be surprised to see how we have transformed from a bare bones program to a top tiered lab. I'll throw some pictures on this page, please feel free to schedule a visit! 
            School Year 2017/2018 we will be following ACC criteria for the Articulated Welding course, this is a introduction to Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) course. You can find the link to the syllabus on this page. Although this is Texas School for the Deaf, we are doing college level instruction to prepare our welding students for a entry level job or higher education courses. For the Principles of Welding students, refer to the second syllabus, I will still be instructing this course in accordance with ACC welding program.

You can reach me at the following:

Email: richard.layton@tsd.state.tx.us
Phone: 512-643-1963 VP (please email in advance)
Text: 520-260-2273
Room: Kleberg Building, Room 100C