Ranger to Ranger

Ranger to Ranger: THE POWER OF WE

WE work together and support each other as individuals, divisions, departments, schools, dorms, and community.

WE share all kinds of information---WE don’t screen the bad stuff.

WE trust each other. WE bring spirit, life, and energy to the organization.

WE show compassion.

WE are in touch with our own personal values and biases.

WE take risks.

WE are self-directed—WE understand our mission and WE act on it.

WE strive to be the best WE can be.

About our Theme

Under the Ranger-to-Ranger mindset we treat each other with respect, each Ranger contributes in his or her own way to the good of the whole school, people are engaged and connected, and students, families and staff work together to implement the vision and shared values of the school. 
The Ranger-to-Ranger ethic recognizes that the school’s leadership is shared by many.  We have the power to find solutions to our problems.  Ranger-to-Ranger thinking involves not seeing ourselves as separate departments or divisions but as part of the “whole” of TSD connected to its mission and vision.  It includes recognizing our differences and appreciating the unique paths and pace that each of us achieves our goals. 
The Power of We further defines Ranger to Ranger.  We act with intention and lead with compassion.  We work hard to create solutions and to try new actions.