About Me

Getting know me: 
*  4th generation Texan 
*  Graduated from Texas School for the Deaf
*  Graduated from Lamar University as M.S. in Deaf Studies
*  Born as Profound Deaf
*  Artist: crafts, drawing, painting, and De'Via
Education/Teaching experiences: 
*  11 years ASL professor at community colleges 
*  4th year teaching ASL in high school
*  Published thesis in 2011:  Beliefs of American sign language teachers in Texas: Fingerspelling tools and uses
* TSDAA Social Media 
* Deaf Women of Austin membership
* ASLTA membership
* TSID Conference presenter in 2012
* TAD membership
* and many more!!
I believe in to give a growth in students' abilities with their ASL knowledges, Deaf culture/history awareness and Deaf communities.