Quick Bio

     My name is April T Giauque and I am a Teacher for the ACCESS Program. I am entering my third year with TSD and my 11th year teaching overall. Prior to coming to TSD I was a founding parent, and board member of a charter school in Utah called Spectrum Academy. I taught for 7 years and was able to teach 5th grade, 2nd grade, and become a Transition Specialist for the school. I then become a Special Education Coordinator for one year for a different Charter School called Pacific Heritage Academy.

      I received my BS in English with a minor in PE from Weber State University. While teaching Spectrum Academy, I received my MS in Special Education from University of Phoenix.

I am a mother of 9 children, 4 of which have autism and 2 who are deaf. I took the challenge of learning ASL (and still continuing to learn) for two of her deaf children one bite at a time while juggling full time teaching, and being a wife and mom.

      I was born in Ogden Utah and lived in North Salt Lake Utah prior to moving to Texas in 2015. I love my mountain home, however, learning about the many educational needs of my family brought us to Austin Texas. I love teaching at Texas School for the Deaf and look forward to many years here.