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“There is freedom waiting for you, 

On the breezes of the sky,

And you ask 'What if I fall?' 

Oh but my darling, 

What if you fly?" 

– Erin Hanson

Taking risks can lead to the best things in life.  Rich, authentic learning experiences happen in this classroom, which promotes healthy risk-taking in developing more ASL, English (writing and reading), and interpersonal skills. 
When students are allowed to make mistakes to learn from them, they are also allowed to soar as high as they can go.  
Stop by and visit our classroom.  Be forewarned - you may be surprised to find what we are doing.   You may find us making a DNA model or petting rabbits.   We might be quoting Shakespeare or spouting magic words from one of the Harry Potter books.  We might be on a poetry walk or sharing our written ghost stories while eating S'mores.   Whatever it is we are doing, you can be assured we are learning as we take risks to learn even more.