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I am a graduate of the University of Texas (Hook 'em Horns!) and hold a B.A. degree in English.  I then moved to Tucson, Arizona to attend the University of Arizona and graduated with a M.A. in Special Education / Deaf Education.  Upon graduation, I began my teaching career at the Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and Blind, in Tucson. After a few years, I realized that I really missed Austin and decided to move back to Texas. It now has been 10 years and I am thrilled to be teaching English at the Texas School for the Deaf!

I will be using Canvas as a online platform for the the students to access everything that we will learn and do in English class. The website will list the daily agenda, class assignments, homework assignments as well as a calendar so students can see when their respective assignments are due or when they have a test! :o)

Parents are more than welcome to become a guest member of their child's class Canvas site. Parents should contact me via email for an invitation.

My schedule for the 2015 - 2016 academic year has been posted below.  Please click on the course to access the course syllabus.

Block 1/6 - English 1 Honors

Block 3/8 - English 1 

Block 5/10 - English 2 and English 2 Honors


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