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Hello Ranger Nation,

We moved to Austin from Washington D.C. in 2008. I am getting closer to 20th year anniversary with my lovely wife, Tracy. Our daughter, Cha'Risa, and son, Gunnar are students at Texas School for the Deaf in Middle School Department. I studied Math as a Major and History as a Minor at Texas State University. My extracurricular activities are Head Coach for Middle School Boys Football and Basketball. 

My hobbies are Participating National Softball Association for the Deaf, Playing Xbox One games with my children, Watching movies at IMAX/3D, Reading Sci-Fiction by Terry Brooks, Get lost in Austin during weekends with Tracy, and nothing can beat college football on Saturdays. I am working on getting lost in Texas as well and everything is bigger in Texas as people claimed :) I am an avid fan of Nebraska Cornhuskers. 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers will beat your team at any given days :))

My schedule for 2016-2017 first semester is:

On A Days:

10:25am to 11:35am: 3rd Block
11:40am to 12:50pm: 4th Block
2:55pm to 3:20pm: Advisory Group

On B Days:

10:25am to 11:35am: 8th Block
11:40am to 12:50pm: 9th Block
2:55pm to 3:20pm: Advisory Group

On Ranger Days:

9:53am to 10:47am: 3rd/8th Block
10:52am to 11:46am: 4th/9th Block
1:30pm to 2:20pm: Advisory Group/Assembly

I can be reached at

The Power of We,

Al Reins
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