Twyla Loftin - High School English/Language Arts teacher

I have a Master's degree in Deaf Education

I am certified in Bilingual Education, Special Education, Deaf Education, Art and American Sign Language.

I am a BEI Master level certified interpreter for the Deaf.

Teaching Experience 
15 Years at Texas School for the Deaf

2 Years in Public Schools

1 Year at Baylor University

2013-2014 Class Schedule:

1st/6th - Foundations of English 2
2nd/7th - Foundations of English 2
3rd/8th - Conference Period
4th/9th - Applied English
5th/10th -Foundations of English 2

Courses taught at TSD: 
Language Discovery
Language Applications
Reading Applications
Texas History 
World History 
American History 
Language Arts 
Peer Assistance and Leadership