Texas School for the Deaf

Donald Pekar-Instructor




To provide students with a basic understanding of Automotive services include of the function of the major automotive systems and the principles of diagnosing and servicing these systems. In Automotive Technology, students gain knowledge and skill in the repair, maintenance, and diagnosis of vehicles systems.



Utilizing appropriate safety procedures, Demonstrate familiarity with historical development and career information on the automotive industry; demonstrate safe, professional, and responsible work practices; identify and demonstrate the proper use of shop equipment and tools: identify and describe functions of vehicle subsystems; demonstrate the use of service publications: identify various automotive fasteners used in industry; and perform automotive technology. Attendance/tardy problems, inappropriate behavior in the classroom or Lab, lack of participation, lack of respect for instructor, car, peers, school environment, etc. Show me you are responsible.


Classroom work/Lab will consist of total points for the following: reading assignments, worksheet, activities, homework, quizzes, and test.



Student(s) will maintain their assignments and work in their folders in file cabinet.

tomotive Technology facility. Students are required to have eye and hearing protection all times in the shop areas.


Class and Lab Rules:

No horseplay or disruption will be class or lab. Students must be dressed for lab each day, no baggy or excessively loose clothing and safety glasses.  Wear appropriate shoes.



  • Project/Lab 50%
  • Homework in class 15%
  • Quiz 10%
  • Soft Skills 15%
  • Test 10%