Speech and Language

Speech Staff
Our ASHA certified Speech Language Pathologists provide direct and indirect speech, language, and communication services based upon evaluations and the individual needs of the student. In addition, our Speech Language Pathologists also provide on-going consultative services to staff regarding communication methodology and strategies needed by students for effective instruction.

TSD Speech Language Pathologists provide services for students using a variety of communication modes and strategies including ASL, spoken English, written English, augmentative communication, and picture communication support.
  • A wide variety of services, tailored to our individual students’ needs, are provided by our Speech Language Pathologists. Services may include:
  • Services to students with varying needs including those who are hard of hearing, deaf, cochlear implant users, and those with additional disabilities.
  • Collaborating with other service providers concerning student needs, including: audiologists, counselors, occupational therapists, physical therapist, etc.
  • Language expansion—both receptive/expressive language building
  • Auditory Training—detection, discrimination, identification, and comprehension
  • Articulation/Pronunciation Training
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Speechreading Skill Training, including oral/motor skills
  • Pragmatic Language Training (e.g. establishing eye contact, turn taking, maintaining a topic of conversation)
  • Communication Strategies to prevent or repair communication breakdowns
  • Augmentative Communication Training
  • Fostering a link between spoken English and literacy
  • Strategies and support for communicating with non-signers at work and in the community
  • Feeding/Swallowing services
  • Supporting the use of integrated technology and augmentative communication in the classroom and community

Meet the Speech Team
Kristi Bryce
High School
Phone: (512) 462-5214
Lauren Robertson
Middle School
Phone: (512) 462-5448
Kendall O'Hara
Early Childhood Education/Elementary
Phone: (512) 462-5214
Kate Sweet
Early Childhood Education/Elementary
Phone: (512) 462-5214
Cindy Moore
Special Needs Department
Phone: (512) 462-5262
Wendy Stickley - Lead SLP
Special Needs Department
Phone: (512) 462-5217