Few activities prepare us for a rich and successful life as participating in sports. In fact, we strongly believe such values as teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline and integrity are directly related to our students’ athletic activities. At Texas School for the Deaf, you’ll find a wide variety of athletic opportunities at virtually every level. Sports breeds a level of growth above and beyond what the classroom can teach—and in fact, often helps elevate a student’s academic life. And most importantly, it’s fun. To our student athletes, nothing compares to competing as a Texas School for the Deaf Ranger!

Below, you can check the 2012-2013 TSD Rangers Sports Brochure to see all the accomplishments of our Athletes! 

Contact Information

Chris Hamilton
Athletic Director
VP: 512-410-1021 | Fax: 512-462-5699 | Send email 

Jesse J. Bailey
Elementary and Middle School Athletic Specialist 
VP: (512) 462-7855 | Fax: (512) 462-5687 | Send email 

Terri Levine
Administrative Assistant
VP/Phone: 866-328-4601 | Fax: (512) 462-5699 | Send email