Message from the Superintendent: about Governor's executive order for a hiring freeze

Good Morning All,
I know by now the news of the Governor’s executive order for a hiring freeze has probably come to your attention.  I am equally sure you are wondering what the impact is for TSD.  Keep in mind we are less than 48 hours into this announcement and I suspect details will continue to evolve about how this impacts an agency with a public education mandate like TSD, TSBVI and likely Wyndham schools.
Our contact at the Governor’s Office for this is our Budget Analyst, Ben Bhatti.  The good news is that Ben is very familiar with our school and our needs. He understands IEP mandated services and he understands student safety needs.  The not so good news is that at this point we are not able to receive an agency wide waiver.  We will be allowed, however, to request exemptions on a case by case basis.
Additionally, this directive does not apply to positions that are federally funded.
So, without belaboring this…here is what we are doing.
  • We have added an announcement on our TalentEd Hiring website explaining the freeze.
  • We have prepared a letter to applicants in the cue to apprise them of the situation and to keep their interest in TSD active.
  • We are developing a template that Division Directors, and at their discretion, Supervisors, may use to request a review by the Governor’s office to allow for a posting. (This template will require a rationale for requesting the exemption and a copy of the job description.)
  • I am preparing a letter to the Governor’s Office to ask how this freeze impacts spring hiring for summer programs and fall positions.
I remain optimistic that we will navigate our way through this without jeopardizing student services or safety.
Thank you,
Claire Bugen, Superintendent