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TSD Participated at the Texas Capitol Schoolhouse

Six HS students from TSD attended a full day of learning and sharing STEM activities in the lower rotunda of the State Capitol. The Texas Capitol Schoolhouse is a legislative event giving students and teachers across Texas the opportunity to showcase how technology is being used to improve public schools. (Click for more information)
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TSD Celebrated the Holiday Season

Our Superintendent hosted a series of holiday celebrations to send our students off on their long Winter Break. They enjoyed visiting iPlay Austin, Altitude Trampoline and Main Event. Check the photo gallery here.
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CEASD Accreditation Visit November 27-30, 2016

TSD has completed its Self-Study for Accreditation based on CEASD’s 12 Standards and sample indicators. We have also completed our schedule for the Visiting Team highlighting interviews, meetings and events that will take place during the visit.
We will host our last mandatory Town Hall Meeting on Accreditation Tuesday, November 15. The presentation for the meeting is also attached.
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Deaf Awareness Week Bulletin: The Importance of ASL

Today, I think it’s appropriate to talk about American Sign Language, given the brith of Deaf Awareness Week stemmed from the International Week of the Deaf, as dictated by the World Federation of the Deaf in 1958. Sign language use across the globe is incredible—if you have travelled overseas and have met a deaf person, you know what I mean. It tells you language is powerful. Language describes people. ASL describes Deaf people in America. ASL is a language. ASL is a true language.
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Deaf Awareness Week Bulletin: Let's talk about Audism

The week has truly gone by quickly—it’s Thursday and the fourth day of the DAW Daily Bulletin. We think it’s appropriate to begin talking about audism, given we’ve gone through critical perspectives of visual-centric individuals. Some topics posed this week may have been new to you or some familiar.
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Deaf Awareness Week Bulletin: So, what is Deaf Space?

As our our campus master plan is in the works, what do you think should be the emphasis when it comes to Deaf Space? [Consider attending to the Wednesday TSD Campus Master Plan to reflect further about Deaf Space and the TSD Master Plan—the forum is at the MPR, starting at 6 to 7:30pm.]
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